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Came across this on YouTube and thought I’d share it:

I love dancers!

I found out that this year will be the inaugural Summer Youth Olympic Games for ages 14-18 held in Singapore. The Youth Olympic Games will occur every 4 years as well, but its summer games will be held in the same year of the original Winter games. And vice versa. So, the Winter Youth Olympic Games will be in 2012.

Perhaps there is some controversy surrounding these games. Should teens be striving for such a goal at such a young age? My take on it is that they already do. Most every teenager who is training in an Olympic sport is already hoping to gain elite level as soon as possible. And perhaps the age falsification so prevalent in sports like Gymnastics will die down if those same youngsters have an legitimate avenue on a world level to achieve the same success.

I think it seems quite interesting. It’ll be nice to have something to watch in between the main Summer Olympics!

In October, my friend Shannon and I decided we wanted to run a 5K. Neither of us had ever done one, but both of us had been running at our seperate gyms and enjoying it. I  had gotten up to 2 miles at a time, so I figured adding another 1.2 miles wouldn’t hurt.  I started looking online and found a local one that would be held December 5th called the Reindeer Run. By November, Shannon and I were registered.

We both planned out our own training schedule for during the week, but the 2 Sundays before the race, we ran together the exact route of the actual race. Well, almost exactly. During the actual race, we had one more road that we didn’t know about. The remarkable thing about that was both of us finished in lower times than we had ever before even though we a little bit longer to go! Shannon finished in 32 minutes, and I finished in 34. Shannon’s next goal is to run it in 24 minutes. I haven’t defined my next goal, but we’re already planning our next run…I think we’re going to get addicted.

Shannon and I just before the race

Who’d have thought I’d become a runner?

Some time this past week, I read in someone’s flickr photostream that “screen caps are the new poloroids.” I love taking screen captures, or screen shots, especially of stuff online, so I think I’ll implement them more on my blog.

Take this for instance. Today was beautiful.


It was like Spring! We ventured out to get our car that had been being worked on for the past several weeks. We now finally have both our cars. It’s incredible how mostly in America two people in a household need two seperate cars, but in England, where David’s family live, they share one car among three people. Sometimes, I fancy the idea of living in a big city where public transport is  more available. But mostly, I love my life here in Western NC.

Recently, I’ve subscribed to several podcasts on iTunes.


I’m really very excited about each of them for different reasons. Of note, I found a podcast called PODRUNNER. Each week or so, this DJ puts out a mix for your workout. I’ve mentioned my love for getting in the zone during my workouts by listening to loud music before, so now I’m excited to get in the gym again and try this music out. It’ll be great not having to flip through several songs my iPod while I’m doing my cardio since the podcasts are about an hour long!

Everyday, I find a new reason why I love the internet and technology and living in this generation.

After church today, David and I drove down to Greenville, because we had been invited by one of my friends to play soccer with a group of people who do so every Sunday afternoon. I brought out my old cleats and shin guards that hadn’t been worn in probably two years or more. It was great being active in a different way than my gym routine I’ve gotten used to since late November. And I could definitely tell that doing cardio has increased the length of time I can keep running. David really showed out his skills today. I’m jealous and insanely attracted to him when he scores a goal.

In my first batch of freelance assignments, I wrote about walking, hiking, camping, and rock climbing. I do/have done all of these things, which is a good thing from a writing point-of-view – to have some experience with what you’re writing about. But in my research for writing, I came across a few points of interest I’d like to share. 

First of all, (and it’s really well-timed that I find this out now) but walking is actually an Olympic sport. It’s more commonly called Race Walking in the Olympics, and it’s complete with a set of rules and regulations and special techniques developed for optimal success. It’s pretty crazy, because these people walk so fast, it almost looks like some kind of jog. And I say “some kind” because it honestly does look a little funny, but respectable as far as hard work goes nonetheless. 

Here’s a vid of some of the Australian Olympic Race-walkers as they prepared for Beijing:

Can you believe they actually race-walk 50 kilometers? I’m continually amazed at the things the human body can do. (By the way, my favorite gymnast, Nastia Liukin – remember when I told you about her? – won the All-Around competition on the 14th. I have always been amazed at the crazy stuff she can do with her body.) 

So, on to the next thing. As I wrote about hiking, I mentioned expedition-based hiking, like hiking the Appalachian Trail. I’ve already known that I want to do it, or at least part of it, but obviously writing about it reminded me. I think it’d be cool to hike it with David. If we could take several months out of a year, and just do it as slow as we needed to, that’d be a great experience. I’m thinking good writing material, too, which makes me think that I should find out if anyone’s written a book about their AT hiking experience and read it. I’ve read newspaper articles about it here and there. If you know of one, let me know for sure.

the Olympics, of course. Friday night, David and I watched the Opening Ceremonies. I was wide-eyed and well impressed. It made me want to be there more than ever, though. I have a Chinese friend I met online (Hi Lu Fei!) And his blog is pretty interesting – you should read it. There’s a link at the bottom (Fareonline). One of the most interesting things he had to say about the opening ceremonies (all of it is interesting) is this: 

 …I think that is the moment not only for the world get to known the new China, but the moment that a new image of world standing China. from decades of people’s struggling and sacrifice, the China is not the way it used to be, it is a fresh new image of China which contain harmony, peace, economic developed, intelligent, huge population, open, good will, etc.

You have to remember his English isn’t perfect, though pretty good, I think. Anyway, it’s been great talking back forth with him. 

So, tonight, so far, I’ve watch the men’s gymnastics team qualify 6th for the team competition, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh win their first beach volleyball match, Michael Phelps win a gold and Ryan Lochte win a bronze in the Men’s Individual 400, and Katie Hoff win a bronze. 

I love our athletes. Seriously, the Olympics make me more patriotic: it’s the fact that individuals can have success at whatever level they want in whatever avenue they want in our country.  And that’s true – whether you believe it or not. Whether you take advantage of your opportunity or not. I guess that’s part of it. It’s your choice. 

And the Olympics also make me more hopeful for humanity. If athleticism becomes a language, it means we can at least talk to each other. And if something like sports can become a method of communication, it helps me believe that other things, like our common feelings, hopes, desires, and insufficiencies can unite us – not just for unity’s sake but for the goal of making us spiritual brothers and sisters.

I found this awesome AT&T ad yesterday:

So, you may remember me saying that Nastia Liukin is my favorite gymnast. Well, that’s her in the video. I love it when I see any of the gymnasts on advertisments from companies they’re endorsed by. It just gets me even more excited.

Tonight, well, early Thursday morning, I’m going to do something a little stupid. NBC is streaming the podium training (which just means a mock competition with no judges or scores) live at 1:30am. I’m probably going to stay up and watch it. It’s not that stupid considering I’ve not gone back to work yet. And even I had, I’ve got my vitamins and energy drinks. :)

So, speaking of butterflies, earlier, my cat, Tuxedo, sat in front of me and the computer on my dining room table facing the big window. I watched him move his head following a couple butterflies that seemed to want to fly into the window. There was even a humming bird out there – that really got his attention. I tried to grab the camera, but when I stood up, he jumped off. Too bad, because it would have been a cute photo. I’ll try to get one sometime.

So, in my search anything Olympics related, I came across this video:

Earlier, I said that usually Asian things seem so important and purposeful. I take that back. I can’t help but to laugh a few times during this video. I’m sure you will, too. And is that Jackie Chan? I swear it looks just like him at 1:16. You tell me.

That looks fun.

Recently, I’ve been into all things Olympics. Not long at all left until the games start. I’ve mentioned it before, but I would love to go the Olympics someday. Speaking of the games, I just love the Beijing mascots.

Aren’t they adorable? Mostly anything Chinese or Asian seems adorable to me. I’m sure my lack of Asian culture shows here, but everything Asian always seems so ornate and important. So purposeful. These little mascots name’s say “Welcome to Beijing” when you put them in the correct order. That’s just nifty.

So, I mostly watch gymnastics, track and field, and swimming during the Olympics. I’ll probably catch the diving and beach volleyball, too. What sports do you like to watch? Any specific athletes/sports you plan on keeping up with? How about athletes from other countries?